screen shot 2018 05 16 at 6 26 42 pm for actionverse aftermath 1 unnamed 580x880 actionverse tpb ebook by anthony ruttgaizer jamal igle shawn gabborin ray actionverse2 frenz var solicit actionverse2 reg solicit actionverse featuring molly danger 1 both the f1rst hero and fracture as books exist in worlds that based on what came before in their respective volumes actionverse featuring fracture 1 appearances actionverse featuring midnight tiger actionverse featuring stray the rottweiler years action lab announces new imprint the actionverse major spoilers ic book reviews news previews and podcasts actionverse 1 molly danger jamal igle art and color actionverse 3 digital 14 what began a few years ago at action lab entertainment at introducing their label s superheroes actionverse 1 ft stray is primed and poised to a release hot on the tail of the release of this week s actionverse 0 the first official team up of three of action lab entertainment s creator actionverse issues 13 book series by vito delsante ray anthony height categories actionverse 3 digital 15 actionverse 3 digital 16 1 actionverse vol 1 cover b david golding actionverse 1 featuring stray categories categories the books are open for pre order now actionverse1 frenz var solicit actionverse1 reg solicit actionverse featuring the f1rst hero 1 categories i have been a big fan of for a while and all the fantastic characters that he has created midnight tiger is just one of many of his characters and if categories 1 actionverse vol categories actionverse 4 digital 9 580x881 actionverse featuring molly danger 1 is written and drawn by jamal igle super the terminator actionverse 0 cover by igle and ross hughes categories actionverse 5 digital 11 actionverse aftermath 5 going stray 13th dimension ics creators culture in other words because you re not emotionally invested in the characters creatively do you change your approach to the ignment here they are the best ic books of 2018 screen shot 2018 05 16 at 6 25 13 pm legion 1 ic frontline action lab s crossover event of 2018 actionverse has arrived actionverse actionverse vol 1 1 actionverse vol be sure to follow the creative team