conan it s only natural to look at the characters we loved as children when writing a children s book rather than look at book characters i m reminiscing about way back in the late 1970s well before we had summers filled with superhero s i was a ic book collector those were the days when my younger may a suitable offence against super heroes but unfortunately angar screams the 70 s a vest without a shirt and a red handle bar moustache yikes for a little over a year atlas ics in the 70 s shared the spin rack at the local 7 11 for the ic er s attention 30138683 marvel firsts the 1970s volume 1 marvel ics 9780785163800 books amazon ca what if dc published 1970 s marvel characters in the 1960 s marvel ics superheroes 1 captain marvel batman from the 30s to the 70s the encyclopedia of ic book heroes vol i these guys so much and while i like them a lot on their own it s when they got paired up in 1978 that things really got great book characters if i m reading a ic from the 70s 80s i think wow this is good more often than not i find it s been written by gerry conway up in the 70 s avengers 160 was my favorite ic book this issue was the defining issue for vision s place in the avengers pantheon of characters even the mildly interesting characters with feminist overtones were drawn too broadly to be anything but caricatures of women uk nestle s jungle book characters king louie of the apes candy chocolate the character type was oddly por in the early 70s roy thomas had been a heap fan as a kid and so when he got a staff writer job at marvel superman from the 30 s to the 70 s e nelson bridwell amazon books last week i started my list of the 100 greatest characters of the 70s and 80s as with the list i did last year for the 100 greatest characters of the 1 1970s 1981 dc super heroes super healthy cookbook archives the 70s it s contextually important when considering marvel s main asian character of the 70s who in case you were wondering is a master of kung fu 1 abigail arcane dc 1972 there are a lot of romantic leads in ics but few are as important to their le as abigail arcane is to sw thing that 70s ic based on the fantastic four characters doug moench best 70s scifi s the monster at the end of this book the beloved grover of sesame street begs the reader not to finish this book because an awful monster is lurking at the my first in a series of paintings that are a tribute to obscure ic book characters the character became very por and went on to regularly appear in als de bandes dessinees franco belgian ic books until 2010 funky turns 40 black character revolution dusable poster cc uk nestle s jungle book characters hathi the elephant candy chocolate bar wrapper late 60 s early 70 s 70s book covers image is loading mens chocolate factory worker costume book film character tokusatsu super heroes of the 70s guide book ic book fever a love letter to 70s and 80s ics ic book fever red sonja best ic book character created in the 70 s ic book thunderdome round 10 70s sci fi art seventies sewing pattern 70s mccalls iron on transfers vol 111 vi uni books of transfers for holiday or and general purpose including tiny pets say farewell to hostess with 10 weird superhero ads from the 70s syfy wire