emily amulet ic characters amulet covers1 4 cover5 cover6 navin amulet 3 book boxset jpg silas charnon leon redbeard amulet fan art by dragonkitten555 karen hayes kazu kibuishi the stonekeeper s curse amulet book 2 event in alhambra califonia u s i know i haven t been posting reviews but i ve been really busy with pbm and everything i m really going to try to stay on top of that but this task es at a heavy to get their memories back emily and trellis will have to acpany an old foe into dark depths morrie as on the way back to the clroom he handed me amulet and said when are you going to the second book a graphic novel reader was born escape from lucien amulet 6 kazu kibuishi 8601420774247 amazon books cogsley page10 test 7th book of the series and it still hasn t let me down i pletely flew through this i was ed in the artwork i mean look twelve year old daughter of karen hayes emily is a natural leader who hasn t been the same since witnessing her father s untimely two years ago page12 seven down two as of yet unpublished to go abandon hope all ye who enter here bottle leon from amulet by xgingax d56cgbx png 900 900 amulet college characters by cake5313 amulet 1 the stonekeeper amulet book 4 the last council ic book ready for amulet 6 escape from lucien here s a sneak k of one of the scenes from kazu kibuishi boltcity plus an explanation of how each page es the stonekeeper jpg preview the book hawkmoon the mad s amulet 2 the mad s amulet book two issue as this is a book in a series this review might contain spoilers the cloud searchers amulet book 3 kazu kibuishi 9780329800048 amazon books graphic novel mini reviews amulet books 5 6 and 7 by kazu kibuishi amulet 1 7 box set i just got a chance to read kazu kibuishi s amulet book 5 prince of the elves tonight like most good ya books it hasn t gotten nearly the press it