review amulet book 6 escape from lucien amulet books google search test i m glad to report that book 4 finally gave you some meat and potatoes once again something to really sink ready for amulet 6 escape from lucien here s a sneak k of one emily amulet college characters by cake5313 amulet book 6 cover colored by cake5313 book information amulet book five prince of the elves kazu kibuishi 9780545208895 books amazon ca amulet covers1 4 cover5 cover6 as book the stonekeeper s curse by kazu kibuishi what was slightly diffe about this volume was navin the youngest in the hayes family navin loves video games robots and seeing emily laugh he tries to be easygoing and optimistic so that his sister issue details page10 main image investigation amulets of memory step 6 amulet of pion image 1877 middle size book amulet series 1 4 amulet book 4 main image main image amulet amulet 1 7 box set amulet is a ic book by kazu kibuishi this week we take a trip out of the normal publishers and try some new ground with amulet the stonekeeper book 1 by graphix publishing amulet pack books 1 6 search meanwhile amulet characters by cake5313 amulet book 4 main image main image main image main image kazu kibuishi on twitter received some gifts from scholastic galleys for amulet 7 copies of amulet 6 from our swedish publisher amulet 3 book boxset jpg page7 book six preview the book amulet series trellis father has sent guards after him to drag him back or kill him see he s a father but emily decides to take pity on him and bee a friend escape from lucien amulet 6 kazu kibuishi 8601420774247 amazon books em s mom gets kidnapped into another realm so em and her brother navin set off to save her amulet 1 7 box set amulet kazu kibuishi