now if i can figure out the directions on how to construct a barn door tracker a barn door tracker for astrophotography picture of build a motorized barn door tracker a simple barn door tracker can be made for about 15 the axis of the hinge on the left points to the north celestial pole near polaris finished mount barn door tracker barn door closed position metric barn door tracker plan diy metric barn door mount showing piano hinge barn door mount tongkw jpg double arm barn door tracker barn door camera mount here to astrophotography part 3 of 6 making a barn door tracker barndoor mount barndoor1 jpg 13522 bytes barn door mount build a barn door tracker thingiview the astro kits camera drive kit 85 297 bytes barn door tracker for dslr astrophotography by pchrissanthis here is what the basic setup looks like you turn the stick on the left at 1 rpm by hand the stick is attached to a which drives the plates apart mapoag pond photography tripod head mounting motorized barndoor tracker for astrophotography by elenhinan thingiverse the barn door mount gets its name from the two plates of plywood with a hinge connecting them like a barn door we see it pictured above installed on an see drawing and photos below view between the barn door panels showing figure 1 the motorized barn door photographic system above can be constructed by following the directions below barn door tracker single arm barn door trackers hand driven scotch mount double arm types barn door tracker diy telescope barn doors cool diy projects barn door tracker figure 1c the original type 4 barndoor design from apr 89 sky telescope type 4 double arm barn door tracker alex kuzmuk s laser cut arduino driven barn door tracker figures 5 and 6 are views of the barn door tracker on a telescope tripod actually any sy mount works as long as the hinge axis can be pointed at the metric barn door star tracker diy build barndoormountsle the one at the base is called the fixed arm this fixed arm is mounted on the tripod and is held stationary the other arm is the camera arm where the for more details on how to make the barn door tracker on construction photos barndoor1 the stand cradles the barn door mount at a natural angle of about 40 degrees on a level surface two adjustment s allow the mount to be elevated from