bloodwood hardwood flooring unfinished finished bloodwood bloodwood bloodwood bloodwood hardwood flooring bloodwood clear unfinished flooring bloodwood lumber thickness bloodwood wide bloodwood piece image bloodwood all of these species having a high janka rating they also have unique characteristics can be an excellent addition to any flooring manufacturer s bloodwood 3 4 bloodwood bloodwood hardwood s2s exotic wood pen blanks 9 pack sapele bloodwood peruvian walnut padauk lot 47 bloodwood ave sth sunrise agnes water qld 4677 lightbox bellawood 3 4 x 3 1 4 bloodwood cleaning up a few bloodwood fingerboards from a pile of wood that was given to me from chuckdukowski thanks again my friend these look great pen blank variety pack bloodwood cocobolo padauk yellowheart jatoba 10 bloodwood strong bloodwood 3 4 x 3 4 x 5 ing soon place holder from gany to ebony we have them all 4 pack of bloodwood boards each at 3 4 5 inch blood wood red scales handle set pair handles material for knife making blanks blades 4 4 bloodwood 10 95 face grain walnut bloodwood and maple cutting board dimensions aprox 11 x 19 thickness aprox 3 4 first coat of epifanes varnish on bloodwood case can anyone identify this wood cocobolo 2 x 2 x 6 exotic hardwood avidore