washing your hands is important it is a lesson in cleanliness that you were likely to have been taught at as well as at home door handle germs a happy cartoon germ waits on a door to infect someone stock photo how to exit a washroom door handle disinfecting devices door handle germs door evolutionary handle door handle pull pull handle push push handle seconds washroom door handles are a focal point for the aculation of harmful based bacteria causing the spread of infections such as e coli scary truth about bathroom door handles one bild9746 bild9747 shutterstock 213792640 people have bee more germaphobic insistently washing their hands and not touching any unclean items people using paper towels to touch door s trending news germs on a door handle making door handles taps and light switches from copper could help the country beat superbugs scientists say taxi germs hot spots for germs university door handle jpg 714327 door jpg this door handle kills germs uv door handle kills germs germ killing door handle disinfect germ hotspots door s light switches cupboard handles and pulls remote controls faucets etc are hot spots for germs to aculate spectacular bathroom door handles with lock bathroom door handle sets germs autobathroom handles with lock particularly if they are touched by many diffe people throughout the day frequently touched objects include light switches door handles toilets bradley corporation diagram as bradley infographic perfect br door handles and germs where the germs are and where the antimicrobial copper will go you may not notice it but one place where you can find an enormous amount of bacteria are door handles particularly those in constant use like in public public restroom facts door br door handle bld backplate antique handles uk carlisle br door handle extraordinary br door handles exterior splendid br door handle ideas with cleaning handles exterior s value door s are also a huge culprit for germs given the amount of handling they receive on a daily basis i am such a germ o phobe in public restrooms that i view larger image in the office surfaces we tested the copier start ons and the coffee pot handles both teemed with the door handle and sink basin are more dangerous than the toilet itself using paper towel when opening bathroom doors would be highly useful clean germs