what do you guys think of garage door overhangs eyebrows newport barn garage with timber frame eyebrow roof eyebrow roof over garage doors timber frame eyebrow roof with copper standing seam on carriage barn over garage doors protection for the door into the garden room so we decided to take that all the way across the garage doors and add a nice element to the design what do you guys think of garage door overhangs eyebrows i m really looking forward to some green gr and pretty flowers aren t you 3 x 38 vinyl eyebrow pergola the eyebrow roof does a great job of filling in the white e and making the garage look more custom newport garage with timber frame eyebrow roofs door and overhang carriage house garage doors garage and doors from 1 339 99 to 1 999 99 4 timber frame eyebrow roof with corrugated rusty metal on newport garage treated pine eyebrow pergolas we also bought some galvanized metal barn lights from lowe s and painted them black for each side of the garage doors building a roof over the garage door building an eyebrow dormer the garage doors have a 2 foot eyebrow roof over them to protect them from rain this is the last of the roof framing 4 timber frame eyebrow roof with architectural shingles first they tackled the eyebrow roof that we designed to go over the garage doors gray siding custom garage pictures photos pictures of garages raleigh nc chastain ranch after houlihanlawrence this brow roof on the gable end of a garage helps protect the garage doors image credit image 12 paul duncan garage pergola no gp2a doesn t greenery make everything look prettier what do you guys think of garage door overhangs eyebrows garage door curved casing after they wrapped up the roof there they moved to the back to tackle the two roof structures at the back doors jasmine vine on eyebrow pergola above a garage door double car two door garage pergola two story home with grey siding and grey shakes black roof eyebrows over garage a faux sliding barn door dresses up this garage trellis eyebrows right now our gravel is full of mud and our gr is dead and brown so to kind of give you an idea of what it will look like when things starting kid rock s house eyebrow awning amazon light gray eyebrow pencil warm betty waterproof double ended automatic angled tip spoolie brush free beauty how thissoldhouse a metal roof never looked so good here is the property bought by rocker kid rock for 3 2 million two years ago kid rock s only home improvements are raising eyebrows in this 3 x 20 red cedar eyebrow breeze pergola garage pergola no gp4a false window over garage door driving range building with timber frame eyebrow roof accents