according to ul the safety science pany this release mechanism is tested and required to be able to be released with 50 pounds of force or less garage door break in home security tips put a zip tie in your garage door opener and it will prevent someone from entering a must read you premium most if not all emergency latches have a small locking hole that allows you to run a small zip tie through and secure the latch applied le goes here preventing garage door break ins it is a good idea to cover the windows on the garage door to prevent potential burglars from seeing what is in your garage and it also will not allow them how to use a zip tie to secure your garage door garage door zip tie manual release latch 6 second garage door break in fix zip tie garage defense locksmith naples garage door emergency release how to secure your garage door from burglars garage shield break in step 1 door release pull wired tied in normal operating mode remove the vise grip from the cable insert the cable in the bottom hole where the vise grip just sat tie up the string on your garage door with a zip tie to prevent thieves from fishing for it through the small s between door panels emergency release zip tie finished with this side of the garage door garage door release zip tie installing safety cables for an extension spring garage door thread a zip tie through the emergency release latch to stop thieves from opening your garage door bend end of garage door cable garage door break in zip tie fix is dangerous sce garage door cables repair sears garage doors openers garage door opener lock craftsman garage door locks on garage garage door sears garage doors i attached the device with zip ties around the garage door opener and then shimmed it tight to keep it secure the laser ha the tape consistently garage door hack a simple fix for the vulnerability safety tie for springs image of simple garage door emergency release lock proper installation of garage door cable in drum picture of repairing a garage door limit switch image unavailable replacing cables on a torsion spring garage door replace broken garage door cable