harry potter book page stars true harry potter obsessions never fade at least not for these tattooed readers tattoo is of the stars at the top of each page of each book the i kinda really want the stars from the harry potter books three stars from harry potter book pages tattoo harrypotter these three stars are just like the three stars at the top of each page of the harry potter books it was a novel idea but it is quickly being one of harry potter stars harry potter themed tattoos for your enjoyment yeahtattoos i got this on april 8th 2010 at ink spot tattoo in image the stars at the corner of every page of the u s version of the hp books image 0 tattoomy mom and i have always bonded over reading harry potter today we got matching tattoos of the stars on each book page amazon tattify harry potter temporary tattoos you re a wizard set of 24 beauty subtle harry potter tattoo google search harry potter stars tattoo my harry potter tattoo it s the stars from the corners of the book pages this is my 27th birthday present i knew i wanted the word always with the three stars from every page of the harry potter books worked in somehow harry potter tattoos feat minimalist harry tiny 3 stars behind the ear from pages in harry potter books the three stars from the pages of the harry potter books i need this page of the harry potter books permalink 1 452 notes via yeahtattoos yeahtattoos this is my best friend s tattoo that she got last week photo 154 jpg 20 let there be dark no more 34 harry potter tattoos tattify harry potter temporary tattoos you re a wizard set of 24 harry potter tattoos tatt1 animated harry potter sketch as a shoulder tattoo i have always with the stars from the book pages tattooed on me and so many people rash on me because it s harry potter harry potter tattoos for men harry potter chapter stars next addition to my wrist the most unique harry potter inspired tattoos for you and your magical best friend colourful rebel the young restless harry potter tattoo ideas i got this done last night at rock star ink in abesecon nj i harry potter page to screen the plete filmmaking journey amazon co uk bob mccabe jody revenson moira squier books yeahtattoos my harry potter tattoo in the top corners on the pages of matching sibling tattoos in each others handwriting a ly hallows with the page stars if you ve read the harry potter books you ll know what i mean a tattoo memorating true love