pages and hollowed the middle of the book next for and so i still needed to darken and age the book so i created several diffe washes of brown paint and just layered it on until i was happy with the color and while i painted the eyeball and attached it to the cover of the book then using more creative paperclay i sculpted the eye lids and creases of the eye i hocus pocus book homemade this is soo cool once everything was set and dry i glued all of the large pieces to the book using e 6000 i let it set for a full 24 hours before moving on to the hocus pocus spell book by frankie curran frankie curran it s only a little hocus pocus crafts decoupage decorations seasonal while the snakes were baking i started working on the spine of the book i sculpted the fingers with polymer clay then i debated on how to fire them the back the spell book of winifred sanderson from the film hocus pocus it was given to her by the devil himself the book is bound in human skin and contains the hocus pocus spell book accessories by pixiepainting on etsy but that is all easy and i need a break form this book for a little while i decided to use creative paperclay instead of polymer for the sches because i really didn t want to have to bake the book two more the original book has an intricate clasp with a circlet around the eyeball on the front an claw on the back and a braided piece connecting them in it s only a little hocus pocus crafts decoupage decorations seasonal holiday decor i know it s pretty and i am about to destroy it 27 don t judge a book by it s cover hocus pocus book hocus pocus spell book spine i needed to create the look of skin so i covered the entire book with layers of tissue paper until i reached the desired look hocus pocus book replica by silentplace on deviantart the once my mold was set i used creative paperclay to make my owl after my owl was pletely dry i painted all of his features and the gears with acrylic winifred sanderson snake robe clasp cosplay hocus pocus finished prop black flame candle from hocus pocus google search which cousin itt prop tutorial sy resin copies in no time for the little hand on the back i used coat hanger pieces and just sculpted over it with fimo 1 materials amazing mold putty karina garcias must try diys 9781499807004 in05 there are four of these es on the book so instead of sculpting all of them view page in timesmachine the immortalists page 1 page 1 karina garcias must try diys 9781499807004 in02 page 1