bantjes i wonder 3 bantjes2 jpg bantjes i wonder 2 but when i showed this cover to my friend henrik kubel he was to my dismay not overwhelmed he thought the spine was a joke or an obvious stroke of i wonder bantjes 2 book i wonder by graphic artist marian bantjes marian bantjes honour spread from the book i wonder by marian bantjes bantjes i wonder 5 i wonder by marian bantjes quirky poignant astute funny this marian bantjes i wonder book marian bantjes duizelingwekkend gaaf bantjes i wonder 7 marian bantjes bantjes i wonder 4 i wonder by marian bantjes i desperately need this book it is gorgeous the design and ion values put i wonder some way above the rest of the glut of design books released last year i ve not seen gold used so lavishly in marian bantjes marian design i wonder marian bantjes intricate beauty by design design images from the cemeteries chapter which serves as a pictorial interlude wherein a view of cemetery portraits speak to the book s recurring themes of update the bantjes covers in which the designer explains how her cover design came together for bantjes i wonder 1 i wonder by marian bantjes the simpler the better is the lesson for designers that design should be the servant to the master of content the designer s job is only to clear the i wonder cover by marian bantjes marian bantjes i wonder marian bantjes i wonder bantjes flipping through i wonder by marian bantjes design observer posted a little behind the scenes of marian bantjes new book cover design bantjes walks you through her sketches and path to the eventual marian bantjes pretty pictures thee marianbantjes i wonder4 regular readers may recall i mentioned this book recently when posting about my cur gold obsession and it s easy to see why