nancy drew 1930 a highly skilled detective character was created in 1930 by edward stratemeyer in the seven decades since her creation nancy drew sleuths nancy drew 25 of the original nancy drew books were ilrated by mercial ilrator russell h tandy from 1930 to 1949 these include the original art dust i was no stranger to mysteries i d been vicariously sleuthing with scooby and the gang since i was a wee l my mom had the entire nancy drew nancy drew books i read many as a child in the 50 s written from the 30 s through the 60 s i think or at least published in that time frame nancy drew by carolyn keene nancy drew our march books are nancy drew and the hardy boys graphic novels these graphic versions are new for these old characters who ve been around for years a script for danger 9781481438100 hr a fellow collector and i were pleased to have books in our collections used for the ion of these items this selection at the sleuth the sign of the twisted candles nancy drew series 9 nancy drew by carolyn keene cvr9781416934851 9781416934851 hr she and george fayne are so similar in style and atude so that s why amber liu of f x would be george fayne in the nancy drew book series 233637 nancy drew book characters info the hardy boys books and nancy drew books the kachina doll mystery nancy drew book 62 by keene carolyn nancy drew and george fayne on the cover of mystery of the 99 steps 4048615 louise and jean dana nancy drew poster cbs nancy drew will be diverse 18 00 nancy drew 06 the secret of red gate farm ebook by carolyn keene the nancy drew files showcased a more version of the character as seen on the cover of hit and run holiday 1986 here nancy is in swimwear nancy drew the secret in the old lace chapter one reading nancy drew was my first real character addition had the whole set in hardback until my dad accidentally threw them away during a move nancy drew hallmark ornament2 9780006934875 the clue in the jewel box nancy drew book 20 696991 synopsis image for the clue of the tapping heels nancy drew mystery stories 16 the clue of the tapping heels nancy drew series 16 my favorite nancy drew mystery is the clue in the jewel box because it keeps you guessing until the very end you get to figure out the mystery yourself series books for s nancy drew detective 8 scarlet macaw 9 secret of the spa and 10 uncivil acts nancy drew 12 the message in the hollow oak by keene carolyn the clue in the crumbling wall nancy drew book 22 nancy drew books scary things kids s do 85 9781557092595 the mystery of the ivory charm nancy drew book 13