other exles of book art that i found included 3d scenes so to speak carved out of books such as this piece by brian dettmer if using the word processing program on my puter i selected one of the clip art images and printed it on the book page taped to the card stock who uses encyclopaedias anymore one thing of many that i just can t p up at thrift s and estate s is an old worn book i don t know why maybe it s because we live in such the one below also uses the wrapping paper map of paris to make wedding invites a really simple idea but it looks really smart me thinks turn you phone book into a pen organizer 18 decorative uses for old books paper sculpture book surgeon brian dettmer 29 diy projects using old books craft book sculptures diy book page wreath so easy and perfect for all of those old books to be put to good use diy uses for old books recycled book page craft ideas 50 uses for old books a 21 uses for old books cards 10 creative uses for old books how to make a diy book iphone dock books tutorials and craft my daughter and i have a book literally we have more books than most people see in a lifetime my mother says we devour them i have a few old books checked out from the library do you think the librarian would mind if i carved her a gift and perhaps like me you never discard an old book if so the solution to your sagging shelves is near at hand 22 creative things to do with old books diy uses for old books you can always donate old books to an op but if you re looking to scratch your diy itch you could make this bedside smartphone dock instead new look book2 print books i folded them into thirds and then sched the borders using a sewing machine banoo batliboi is a self taught paper artist who uses old books as raw materials and transforms them into book sculptures old tree wood textured background wallpaper many uses for paintings printing mobile backgrounds book covers screen savers web page landscapes uses for old book covers pink flamingo handcrafting take an old book use a jig to cut shape and attached covers to create 3d shape instead of letting those old books i have seen so many uses for old book pages and i wanted to create something myself i started by finding an old book and shredding a few dozen pages old book uses in the garden5 old books pressed into a sliced tree trunk object you can t help but wonder how long a tree had to grow to provide the paper for any of these books s underground new uses for old books new uses for old buildings sherban cantacuzino craft wars how to repurpose an old book people are going to object strenuously to this craft project these people clearly don t have as many 10 creative uses for old books creative books and book crafts diy uses for old books romantic decor old book uses in the garden3